Building High Performing Cultures of Mutual Trust & Respect


Thursday 31st October

8:30am - 4:30pm

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“Adizes is the best kept secret in the world. Discover it! The sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.”
- Ken Blanchard, Best Selling Author, "The One Minute Manager".

Dr Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Founder and CEO

Adizes Institute Worldwide

(via video)

Don McKenzie

Managing Director

Adizes Institute Australia

(live in person)

“It is my pleasure to endorse Dr Adizes and the Adizes Methodology. Dr Adizes has been a mentor and outstanding YPO (Young Presidents' Organisation) resource for many years. Dr Adizes' concepts have been very valuable in the success of my organisations.”

- Jack Cowin, Competitive Foods Australia

Building High Performing Cultures of Mutual Trust & Respect


Mutual trust and respect cannot be bought or demanded. It is the outcome of key ingredients implemented in the right sequence.

This one day workshop will drill down into the ingredients required to create genuine Mutual Trust and Respect in your organisation at all levels.


Key Topics for the event include: 

• The four “vitamins” of effective management for any team or organisation as a whole.

• Building complementary teams, and why they are the most productive. 

• How to convert potentially destructive conflict into constructive conflict. 

• Understanding the organisational lifecycle so you can proactively solve tomorrow's problems, today.

• Why the implementation of good ideas and strategy often fails, and simple tricks to use to ensure implementation. 

• The ingredients that lead to high levels of Mutual Trust and Respect.

• Why high levels of Mutual Trust and Respect are the precursor to long term success.

“This workshop with senior leaders and managers was very worthwhile. It helped the

team identify issues and opportunities collaboratively, and create alignment on the big

picture. There is sometimes a view that many things are out of our control, however, the workshop helped reframe the situation and illuminate that almost everything is

within the control of the team. Subsequent to the workshop, we have been able to gain

momentum on many issues, and create a collaborative framework for the future”.

- Hugh Lander, CEO, Bank of Queensland Specialist

“I encourage anyone interested in a sustainable approach to business success, divorced from high octane, attention-grabbing language that seems to have created more cliches than anything else, to listen to Don and Adizes' pragmatic approach. Every time I have been using the Adizes approach throughout the past year I have been rewarded. My team when exposed to the ideas welcomed them and immediately put them into use”.

- Vahid Pourghadiri, Head of Liddell Power Station, AGL Energy

The Adizes Institute has a long history with some of Australia's largest businesses and has helped business owners, CEOs and executives at all levels build long term, healthy organisations. 

Over the course of more than forty-five years, the Adizes Institute has developed, tested and implemented the multi award-winning methodology for organisational transformation and long term sustainable success. 

The methodology provides tools for organisations, governments, and complex organisations to achieve exceptional results, and manage accelerated change, without destructive conflict. 


Dr Ichak Adizes was recently named as one of the world's top communicators by The Holmes Report, among other world leaders such as Pope Francis, Angela Merkel, and the Dalai Lama.


“In the course of a year, we have increased sales by 70%, reduced operating costs, increased profitability and have significantly improved the climate in our organisation. Much of the credit for this belongs to the Adizes Methodology."

-Don Boroian, President, Francrop

Founder and Chairman of Adizes Institute Dr Ichak Adizes

Recorded presentation from Dr Adizes will be delivered during the workshop

  • Founder and Chairman of the Board of The Adizes Institute (California, USA)

  • A leading expert on modern management

  • Author of 15 books translated into 24 languages

  • Taught management at UCLA, Stanford, and Columbia

  • Received 21 honorary doctorates from universities in 13 countries

  • Nominated one of the world's top communicators in 2017 Holmes Report

"Dr Adizes' insights cut straight to the heart of what it means to effectively lead and manage others."

- Tony Robbins

“The Adizes approach is the most effective tool that I’ve encountered for building strong leadership teams and getting results.”
- Lynn Elsenhans, President, Shell Oil Company.


Adizes Organisational Lifecycle

At the foundation of effective management for any organisation is a fundamental truth that all organisations, like all living organisms, have a lifecycle and undergo very predictable and repetitive patterns of behaviour as they grow and develop.

The internationally recognised Adizes Organisational Lifecycle Model was established to provide a roadmap for business owners, executives and managers to know how to overcome the right problems, at the right time.


At each new stage of development, an organisation is faced with a unique set of challenges. How well or poorly management address these challenges, and leads a healthy transition from one stage to the next, has a significant impact on the success or failure of their organisation.

"The Adizes Methodology for managing sustainable accelerated growth has been a major contributor to our success. In the ten years that we have worked with Adizes, we have grown from $260 million to $3.5 billion.”

– Ricardo B. Salinas, Chairman & Chief Executive, Grupo Salinas, Mexico

What you'll learn

  • Managing Your Organisation

  • Managing People

  • Managing Corporate Culture

  • Managing Change 


This event is ideal for management teams. Align the whole team at the same time to achieve maximum benefit from this workshop. 


This is the perfect opportunity for professional and personal development for you and your team.  

Who should attend?


Interactive Workshops in


 Join us at our event in Brisbane to provide a deeper dive into how to implement the Adizes concepts into your organisation. Perfect for all levels of management to develop new skills and align as a team


  • Business Owners, Business Leaders, MDs, CEOs

  • C-Suite Executive Teams

  • Board Members and Investors

  • Corporate, Not For Profit, SME and Government Organisations


Access group discounts so you can bring your whole management team to ensure you achieve maximum benefit. 

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Don McKenzie is the Managing Director of the Adizes Institute Australia and uses his diverse experience, combined with the world recognised Adizes Methodology, to deliver transformation programs, workshops and in company seminars for all sizes and types of businesses, across Australia.


Don is an experienced executive and has built businesses both organically and by acquisition in different parts of the world. He led an Australian company to list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and was the youngest Managing Director of an ASX listed business at that time.

Don McKenzie

Dr Ichak Adizes

Dr Adizes has a long history with some of Australia’s largest businesses and now is your opportunity to learn from the Godfather of Organisational Management & Transformation. 


Over the course of more than forty years, Dr Ichak Kalderon Adizes has developed, tested and documented the proprietary methodology that bears his name. The Adizes Methodology for Organizational Transformation provides tools for corporations, governments, and complex organisations to achieve exceptional results and manage accelerated change without destructive conflict. Dr Ichak Adizes was recently named as one of the world's top communicators by The Holmes Report 2017, among other leaders such as Pope Francis, Angela Merkle, and the Dalai Lama.

Dr Ichak Adizes will present via recorded video.



Brisbane | Thursday 31 October

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  • Managing Your Organisation

  • Managing Corporate Culture

  • Managing People

  • Managing Change


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“Adizes is the best kept secret in the world. Discover it! The sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.”
- Ken Blanchard, Best Selling Author, "The One Minute Manager".


Thursday 31st October | Brisbane Convention Centre

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